Private Events

At Escapeocity, we specialize in high-energy, smaller events that provides every attendee with an adventure! Take a look at some of our offerings below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, have further questions, or would like to book a private event, email us at or give us a call at (224)801-2633.

Private Parties

At Escapeocity, we are able to host multiple different types of private parties including birthdays, graduations, holiday parties, and all other types of gatherings of friends and family! We offer catering options, a party room, and the ability to rent out the entire space. We will be happy to tailor the party to your unique needs to make sure every guest has great memories of your event.


Private adventures start at $224 for the reservation of the room for 8 or less people, and increase dependent upon the needs of your party, such as number of attendees, catering needs, and reservation of the private party room.

Private Parties
Corporate Team-Building

Consider Escapeocity and our escape room for your next team-building activity. We have multiple unique offerings, such as a one-of-a-kind room with challenging puzzles that can’t be found elsewhere, options for a private meeting room for your team before or after your adventure, catering options, the opportunity for team leaders to watch their team with our Game Master during their challenge, and team building discussions lead by our Head Game Master and Manager. Escapeocity offers a unique team-building event, turning a regular meeting into an engaging adventure!

Benefits of Team-Building at Escapeocity
Communication Skills

Our escape room encourages team members to realize that their success requires sharing information about the puzzles and including all members of the team in discussions.


In our escape room, every single team member needs to collaborate and work together to a common goal, and the different views that each team member has are necessary for success.

Creative Problem Solving

Our puzzles force team members to look at things differently and think outside of the box to find clues and find solutions that will allow them to escape the room.

Critical Thinking

Our escape room both tests and develops your team’s ability to analyze new information and apply logic and reasoning.

Time Management

With a 60 minute time limit to complete a challenging series of puzzles in our room, Escapeocity forces team members to work together, organize, and manage their time effectively in order to escape successfully.

Nonprofit Organizations –
Limited Time Discount Offer!

If your nonprofit organization is looking for an affordable venue to host a team-building activity, then Escapeocity is the perfect fit. For all weekday team-building events booked by nonprofit organizations, we are offering a significant discount! To book your special event, email our event coordinator at or give us a call at (224)801-2633, and be sure to mention that you are reserving for a nonprofit organization.

Using this discount, your team-building event will start at $150 for the reservation of the room for 8 or less people, and increase dependent upon the needs of your team, such as number of team members, catering needs, and reservation of the private meeting room.

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