School Spirits

School Spirits


4-10 People

Ages 10+*

Difficulty: 8/10

60 Minutes

The annual Northwest High School Winter Dance has been haunted for years, and they've finally had enough!  You are part of a team of ghost hunters-in-training called in to the school to identify the spirit and rid them of their unwanted guests. Can you save the school in time for the big dance?

This room is a little spooky, but still family friendly. Think more Ghostbusters than The Exorcist. There may be some sudden noises or visuals in the room, but there is no blood or violence. You should expect a good mix of hidden objects, logic puzzles, locked boxes, and unique theme-appropriate set pieces and props. No running, jumping, or climbing required. The room is fully wheelchair-accessible. No math or outside knowledge required! This room is somewhat dimly lit, with use of flashlights required at points. The room is not small or claustrophobic.

*Children aged 10-12 need an adult in the room with them.